14 Years. 2 Entrepreneurial Founders. 1 Great Beginning.

It’s been an epic ride. From 2 founders in the back of a garage to a talented, dedicated and passionate team of over 310. It started with a big idea and the drive to ‘make it happen’.

Our Story

hipages was started in a garage in 2004. Our founders, David Vitek and Roby Sharon-Zipser, were dissatisfied with the way you found great quality local businesses and knew that the internet should be making this process a lot easier. They decided to do something about it and created specialist sites in areas they were passionate about, Natural Therapies and Home Improvements. They set about reinventing the directory concept for the internet age. While technology was a big driver to enable this change, our founders had the insight that you needed real service and great people behind that technology to make something great.

Our company has been built on that philosophy and 14 years on our passionate team of 310+ (Sydney & Manila) still focuses on weaving emerging technology with good old fashioned service to constantly innovate the way people get things done. While the company has grown significantly with over 2 Million monthly visitors to our sites and a job being posted on hipages.com.au every 37 seconds, we all know that this is just the beginning. The pace of change in the online world keeps us energised to deliver the best possible products and service.

This is an exciting period of growth for us, we have the backing of a great partner in News Corp Australia as we continue to emerge as an industry leader. We are fast on our way to becoming a household name and are determined to make life easier for homeowners and tradies Australia wide.

Hear our CEO & Co-founder, David Vitek talk about innovation in the digital space –   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtV4uUeTzg8

Our Values Define Who We Are And How We Act


When it comes to value, we don’t hold back. In fact, we can’t help it – it’s simply how we’re built, and what we love doing. We get a kick out of serving our customers and tradies – and making their lives better every step of the way.

Being Genuine

We’re the real deal. Straight-up legends who truly care about our customers. We’re super keen listeners, and we always respond with a smile. And it doesn’t hurt that we’re from all over the place – it means we get along with everyone.


We’ve come a long way from two mates working in the back of a garage. And even though we’ve grown into something bigger, how we work is still the same – bouncing ideas around, respecting and listening to each other and paving the way to make hipages better, as a team.


When we say we’re on it, we’re on it. Service is our passion. Our bread and butter. So we’ll always go the extra mile – whether we’re talking to tradies, customers, industry, investors or other start-ups. We don’t just leave people feeling like we’ve done a good job – we leave them feeling inspired, and knowing they’re in safe hands.


We’re bright and curious. We’re tech-heads and thought-leaders. We’re goers against the grain. Our success comes from pushing the envelope, brushing up on our skills, and finding new ways to inspire our customers – and each other, of course.

Our DNA is 'Make it Happen'

We’re people of action. And we personally care about getting the job done. So when we deliver, we really deliver. No ego (just the go).