August 2, 2021


Looking back on FY21 as we leap into FY22

As a chartered accountant by trade, this time of year has always been big for me. I run on financial year rather than calendar year, by virtue of inherently being a numbers person.

Yet FY21 marks one of the most significant years I’ve had personally, as we launched hipages onto the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) during this time. What makes it even more remarkable is doing so in the middle of a pandemic.

Like many businesses, we were shocked with a significant macro event that required us to change how we worked. Yet we have been successfully navigating this period and continue to come out even stronger.

Despite the economic uncertainty, hipages listed on the ASX with a market capitalisation of over $300m. The team has continued to innovate our products and extend greater value to our customers, as more trade businesses and homeowners rely on technology. We even announced Tradiecore, a new tool designed to ease the burden of everyday admin for tradies, offering features such as quoting and invoicing.

When we enter a new financial year, we always take the time to reflect on our achievements and get motivated and energised for the 12 months ahead. That’s why during our Annual Sales Team Kick Off week, we were lucky enough to hear from James Castrisson, a professional adventurer who delivered us an inspiring talk.

In 2008, James became the first person to kayak across the Tasman Sea! A couple of years later, he completed the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. He gave our team insights into resilience, leadership, teamwork and how to overcome adversity.

After a week of discussing our company strategy, product and sales initiatives, James’ session truly inspired us to tackle our goals both at and outside of work.

How does your business reflect on the financial year that’s been, and get pumped for the 12 months ahead?