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The latest updates from Roby Sharon-Zipser CEO, Co-Founder, and Executive Director of hipages Group.

Roby is an entrepreneur with a passion for developing durable and innovative technologies that liberate tradies to free up their time for higher-value activities.

He kickstarted the hipages Group journey in 2004 by creating an opportunity in a market that didn’t exist. The company’s core product, hipages, disrupted how Australians connected with tradies, inspired by the personal challenges of trying to renovate his own family home.

Having been a chartered accountant for many years prior, Roby’s chops for business have enabled him to achieve substantial business growth, with hipages Group’s products now servicing over 34,000 tradie businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Today, hipages Group is an ASX-listed company with a team of more than 300 team members working collectively to deliver on its purpose – to transform the trade industry, creating better lives for everyone.

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