June 28, 2021


Three domains where data excels

Data is everything at hipages. It’s how we track results, learn latest trends among homeowners and our trade business subscribers, and become informed to drive change and innovation.

While it helps with almost everything we do, here are the three core areas we use data for, around the clock, drawing on a range of our technology partners.

1. Optimisation

Our team uses Google Ads, capturing and analysing data regarding job postings through this channel. From this, we better understand customer behaviours and optimise our marketing strategy and spend accordingly. Operating at a national level allows us to capture market demands across Australia.
We also use Salesforce as well as Tableau, for an immediate view of each trade business member’s experience, all in a digestible format. This allows our Sales team to get to know our customers better and tailor their responses in ways that are most useful for members.

2. Building Product

As a subscription-based business, where trade professionals subscribe to the package that best suits their needs, it’s critical we match our members with the right offering accurately.
To do so, we draw on a range of data streams to better understand the customer and tailor our suggested product package accordingly. At hipages, our mid-high tier members are provided a dedicated Account Manager who keeps in touch with them and proactively offers advice around suggested package changes – whether lower or higher level – with a focus on ensuring our members are maximising the value of their hipages usage.

Such collaboration allows our customers to remain happy and loyal, and we also learn of new services that can be incrementally added and integrated into our package options. None of this would be possible without access to smart and varied data analysis.

3. Driving Growth

Our team also actively uses consumer and behavioural data to ensure our two-sided marketplace is balanced. This is crucial in ensuring the supply of tradies and the demand for tradies is balanced from a geographical and category perspective. These insights then inform our targeted marketing and sales strategies.
More broadly, we are also exploring potential data monetisation avenues to fuel our continued business growth.
It’s hard to boil the value of data down to just three areas, but I’ve given it a shot. What are your top three data uses for your business? And where do you see data truly excelling and offering golden insights to help you innovate and grow?