Cultivating our talent

At hipages, we’re all about identifying and cultivating the talents of our team members as we help them kick goals everyday. With personalised development plans, regular feedback cycles, and a dedicated, in-house Talent Development team, we’re setting you up for success now and in the future.

Inspire Leadership

Our leadership development programs takes our team from traditional managers to inspiring leaders.

Leadership Charter

Our Senior Leadership developed our Leadership Charter to identify the core behaviours hipages leaders embody. Inspired by Indigenous traditions, our team physically signs this Charter by adding their handprint to our Leadership Wall.

New Leader Induction

Whether they’re new to the company or new to being a people leader, all our leaders participate in our New Leader Induction Program - the building blocks of being an effective leader. Over a six month program made up of workshops and coaching sessions, our new leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and coach their teams.

Leader Network Program

On a quarterly basis, our people leaders come together to hear from a guest expert in an interactive workshop on a relevant topic. This brings together all levels of leaders and creates a forum for shared experiences as they connect with and learn from each other.

Boss to Coach

Our newest program cultivates a new mindset for our leaders, taking them to the next level as they inspire, cultivate and develop the teams.


We use the Gallup Strength Based Approach to celebrate and leverage our team members’ natural talents. Our Talent Development team are accredited Strengths Coaches who sit down to have a 1:1 debrief with every individual to help them understand their strengths and apply them to achieve their goals.

We also run team building sessions so that our teams learn about each other as we play to our strengths as a team. Our Strengths Wall in the middle of our office is a reminder of our unique and talented team members!

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Our Gallup Strengths


Our Achieve Programs are inspired by the development goals our people set.

Lunch & Learns

Whether it’s making the most of their LinkedIn Profile, learning about our benefits or making your own jewellery, our Lunch & Learns are an informal way to share knowledge and build skills.


We run externally and internally facilitated workshops all the time, providing our team with interactive skill building sessions from a variety of perspectives.

External Training

We encourage our team to find learning opportunities they want to pursue and are happy to support them in mastering their craft.

360 Feedback

Our annual 360 feedback process allows our team to nominate a cross section of individuals to give them real time feedback on their performance.

Grad Programs

We love investing in up and coming talent, and have created programs for new graduates complete with mentoring, rotations within departments and talent development support!


Our online learning system, Docebo makes it easier than ever to access content to build both behavioural and technical skills. We have hundreds of short courses, learning plans and workshops available to help our team achieve their development goals.

Kickstart Your Career

At hipages, we’re all about investing in and developing upcoming talent, including recent graduates. Whether it’s a role in our P&C, Engineering or IT teams  or participating in our 18 month Sales Graduate Program, we’re the perfect place to start building your career!

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