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We are a purpose and values driven organisation, with a collaborative and innovative one-team culture. We enable our team to thrive in their roles as we create an environment that empowers our team to bring their authentic selves to work every day. As a strengths based organisation, we're all about helping our team to find their natural ways of working, growing and succeeding.

We emphasise continuous improvement in all that we do, listening to our team and ensuring that they feel heard as we action feedback in real time. With regular hackathons, our team are also encouraged to bring their innovation and imagination to our products and services as they develop and pitch their ideas.

As a Top 3 Australian Best Place to Work (2021-2023), we are proud of our diverse, welcoming and inclusive culture in a family-like, start-up environment. Reward and recognition is important to us and we love to come together to celebrate the wins, big and small on a regular basis. At hipages, anyone can make an impact.

Our values

DNA: Make it happen

We act quickly to make hipages great


We enjoy exceeding people’s expectations

Being Genuine

We are powered by real people who bring life into the brand


We bounce ideas around, listen and respect each other


We constantly challenge the way things are done


We love adding value and we don’t hold back

Leadership Charter

Our hipages Group Leadership Charter was crafted by our Senior Leadership Team and hipages Board. This charter describes the style of leadership that best supports our culture and outlines the behaviours we expect of all hipages leaders. We believe that our leaders are core to us achieving our company purpose, mission and goals, while also reinforcing our values. Paying homage to Australian Indigenous cultures, our leaders physically paint and sign their hand on the wall as a sign of commitment to our charter. To explore our Leadership Charter, click on the orange dots below. All these designs were crafted by our very own leaders.

Our Benefits


Our THRIVE benefits program is carefully crafted to provide our team with the tools, support systems, and incentives they need to excel both personally and professionally, enabling them to truly flourish!

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Keep up to date with our team

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