Celebrating our diversity

At hipages, our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Belonging is at the heart of our culture. We have built a family-like environment where we encourage everyone to come as they are and celebrate everyone for who they are.

From Harmony Day to Pride Month and everything in between, we love any chance to come together to celebrate and learn about each other’s cultures. Our hipages Group DE&B Committee are a group of passionate team members who work together to identify and execute our key initiatives in this space.

Our Diversity and Belonging achievements


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Our Initiatives

UNSW Scholarship

Every year we provide a scholarship through UNSW to a promising female student studying a STEM related discipline. In supporting women at the start of their careers, we are helping take steps to promote equality in the field of technology.

Empower Women in Leadership

Our inspiring Empower program nurtures our current and emerging female leaders as they master being their authentic selves.

Social Events

Whether it's coming together for a Potluck lunch on Harmony Day, or learning about gender equality for International Women's Day, we love to recognise and celebrate a wide range of social events throughout the year.

‘Be Yourself’ Dress Code

What we wear is a huge part of our identity so we encourage everyone to show up to work dressed in a way that feels comfortable and authentic for them.

‘Call Australia Home’

Our Call Australia Home recruitment campaign took our talent search international and saw us welcome 13 international team members home in our Sydney office!

WGEA Gender Pay Gap - Employer Statement

hipages Group is a proudly diverse organisation, dedicated to breaking down barriers and embracing diversity in all forms, including gender equality. We are passionate about creating an environment where everyone's ideas are heard and respected, believing that a diverse organisation produces better employee, customer and shareholder outcomes. We have consistently implemented initiatives since 2015 to improve areas of under-representation with great results and want to lead by example for other Australian technology companies.


Our commitment starts with our Board, who sets Management Diversity targets which are reviewed annually. We have gender parity on the Board, M:F gender mix of 56:44 and are proud to have achieved a WGEA median pay gap of only 2.3%, excellent statistics for a technology organisation - with the wider technology industry reporting a 14.7% median total remuneration gap.

As recently announced by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), we are incredibly proud that hipages Group’s median total pay gap is 2.3%, compared with an overall Australian median total pay gap of 19%.

This data was a part of the wider 2022-2023 Gender Equality Scorecard, an annual update on the state of workplace gender equality based on data submitted from 5,000 reporting companies (those with 100 or more employees).

We believe our focus and commitment to hiring a diverse workforce and reviewing internal salaries bi-annually and at the time of recruitment, has helped us to reduce our pay gap. We would still like to improve on achieving parity of females in management and in technology roles (typically employees with higher salaries) to fully close the gap. To that end we have developed our own unique women in leadership program called Empower, designed to accelerate the career advancement of female leaders. In addition, we proudly sponsor a female student in Engineering at the University of New South Wales and host regular events to promote women to work in technology roles.


Role Equality: Our gender pay gap is low due to our proactive gender review to ensure an absence of unjustifiable discrepancies in pay for employees occupying the same role. This commitment to pay equality ensures that all individuals, regardless of gender, receive fair compensation for their contributions.

Female Representation in Management: Over 40% of our management positions are held by women, demonstrating our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in leadership roles, which can positively impact gender pay equality by providing more opportunities for women to advance within the organisation. We aim to achieve 50% over time.

Influence of Male-Dominated Fields: Gender pay gaps do exist within our organisation, particularly in areas heavily dominated by males, such as technology roles, which makes up a large portion of the hipages group team. Despite efforts to promote gender diversity in these sectors, systemic barriers and societal norms contribute to disparities in pay and representation. There continues to be an issue with women choosing to study technology degrees at university, meaning the pool of available talent is not 50% female to male.


Gender and Flexibility Considerations When Hiring - We have amended all Tech vacancies to be available on a part-time basis. This will open up talent pools to candidates who require part-time schedules, such as parents, who now may apply for the roles knowing that they can juggle work and their personal lives. We also strive to include at least one female interviewer and candidate in each selection process. All our job descriptions and adverts use gender neutral language, to ensure we have an even gender split in our role shortlist.

Diversity Equality and Belonging (DE&B( Committee - We recently established an DE&B Committee to help further establish ourselves as a leader in the technology industry as we continue to contribute to creating opportunities that set women in tech up for success.

Empower - hipages Group is passionate about investing in the development of our female leaders, by influencing these leaders to be confident and authentic female leaders who consistently tap into their strengths to be their best selves. Our Empower women in Leadership program is designed to help build the skills of our current and emerging female leaders in areas including communication styles, networking, strategic thinking, breaking down barriers and wellbeing. Each quarter, our participants participate in a learning event, group coaching and 1:1 coaching all supplemented by reading and online modules. In 2024, we are offering fully-sponsored spots to women who identify as First Nations or who have faced social barriers in their professional development.

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